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Corporate clients we work with: 

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Jennifer Whyte

Head of Consumer & Market Insight - Unilever

“I used HSFocus for a team building workshop. They created an open and constructive atmosphere which enabled the team to openly and honestly discuss their issues. They used a number of exercises and techniques which resulted in getting to the really important issues that were concerning the team. The benefits gained from the workshop are manifold. The team went away feeling more motivated, communication and trust had been built, and at last we have developed a team purpose” 
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J.P. Morgan

Project Overview - Dual Career Couples Well-Being Workshops

HSFocus was commissioned to provide a well – being workshop on Dual Career Couple.
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Project Overview - Empowerment and Leadership Workshop

HSFocus successfully completed “Empowerment and Leadership” project that was commissioned over a year to assess, design and deliver the program to 120 senior management team members who were on a tight schedule to complete THE OLYMPICS PARK for 2012 London Olympics due to which there were high levels of stress and the impact on their relationships within and outside of the team and their personal life.
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Royal Bank of Scotland

Project Overview - Leadership & Cultural Intelligence

HSFocus was commissioned to provide half a day workshop on “Leadership and Cultural Intelligence”. This workshop covered; Agile and open mindsets, Cultural Intelligence as a desired leadership trait and Psychological flexibility – how far do you stretch your mental elasticity
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Project Overview - Well-Being Workshops

HSfocus was commissioned to provide two lunch time well–being workshops:

1. “Dual Career couples” workshop: this workshop was for couples both with careers and the impact on various aspects of their personal relationship with each other as this can lead to mental health issues and or relationship breakdown.

2. “Living with and Beyond Cancer”, this workshop was for employees diagnosed with cancer and for carers/family members/friends who were UBS employees.
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Thurrock Council

Chief Policy Advisor for Diversity -  Samson de Alyn

"HSFocus have supported our Corporate Diversity training programme over the past year and have delivered excellent diversity training to staff, leadership and managers in a unique partnership through our Centre of Excellence".
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