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Straight to the point

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A performance focused workshop that has its foundation in cutting edge, evidence-based psychological principles.

The foundation
In a nutshell, our approach allows people to change the way they relate to their thoughts, feelings, memories and physiological sensations.

Our workshop is specifically designed for the workplace
We have an innovative and effective approach to 


  • Authentic leadership

  • Resilience

  • Effective communication

  • Performance under pressure

  • Effective Time management 

We offer workshops targeting any of these areas depending on the needs of the organisation

Why it works

Our core approach is culture, value and behaviour change


  • Approximately 20% of workers in the UK report stress levels significant enough to lead to illness

  • 25% report levels of stress that could make them probable cases of various levels of underperformance 

  • There is a strong link between associated stress and absenteeism (13 million lost working days per annum in Britain alone)

We aim to enhance workers’ personal resilience. With this performance technology in place, employees have improved mental health, organisational commitment and increase their productivity.

Method of delivery:
Our workshops are presented as a “2 + 1” course in order to minimise organisational disruption. Our highly qualified facilitators provide 2 sessions on consecutive weeks with a follow up session at three months. Each session is 3 hours in duration.

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