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Dual Career Couple

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Would you like to achieve your career aspirations and goals alongside a supportive and fulfilling relationship with your partner?

We all face the challenge of balancing career demands and aspirations with a supportive and fulfilling home life. It is easy to focus all our ambition and relative energy on our career and hope that our relationships will just slot
into place. As such an important part of your life and your future, isn’t it worth investing some of your time and energy into ensuring your relationship flourishes alongside your career?

In today’s society many women are striving for successful careers alongside a fulfilling home life, and many men are striving for time to enjoy both their family and home life alongside a career. The challenges and dilemmas
facing mixed and same sex dual career couples can impact significantly on their wellbeing as well as the quality of their work and personal life.

Our Dual Career Couples workshop will enable you to:

  • Identify the resources and challenges of your dual career couple relationship.

  • Tackle key challenges in your relationship.

  • Develop well-being and resilience as a dual career couple.

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