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Corporate Carers

Elderly Patient In Wheelchair And Caregiver

Would it be useful to have a strategy for managing the physical, mental and emotional stress of caring for elderly parents /relatives, and how this can impact on your performance at work?


Have you got the right resources for juggling the responsibilities of a carer with your career plans?

More than 80% of carers acknowledge that a caring role impacts on their health, 20% of carers need to give up employment, and on average carers retire eight years early. If you already hold caring responsibilities for an elderly relative, or can foresee these in the not too distant future our Corporate Carers workshop will equip
you with


  • Guidelines to identify signs of common elderly illness such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and Stroke

  • Resources for carers and how to set boundaries.

  • Tips and techniques for developing emotional, psychological and physical well-being to ensure your performance at work and career plans remain at an optimum
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