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Therapy client testimonials:

“Thank you Lopa for seeing me so quickly, you have really helped me understand myself and my relationship with my partner, my  partner has also seen some positive changes which has improved my relationship and we are moving forward”.


“We as a couple have been struggling for many years which had created a lot of misunderstanding between us. Lopa helped us tremendously by unraveling the knots in our relationship. My partner and I are now able to communicate to each other without making assumptions or reading each other’s mind or at least that’s what we thought we could do, Couple therapy has really improved our intimate relationship and our communication is clearer so thank you very much Lopa". 

P. & T. 

“I had been suffering from delusional/paranoid thought process for many years, I thought that only I needed therapy but Lopa suggested couple therapy and she explained the reasoning that anything we think is in relation to others and the perceptions we have about ourselves and others so we had couple therapy, had 8 sessions with Lopa and my mind is able to cope with challenges from my partner and I can hold an argument rather than burst into tears or shout back. I have a better understanding of the impact of my way of thinking on my relationship and my husband understands me better and why I think the way I do”.

J. & R. 

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