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Compassionate Minds

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Do you find yourself being overly self-critical or hard on yourself at work, impacting on your performance and productivity?

Do you doubt your skills and abilities to the extent that you avoid important tasks?

Do you compare yourself unfavourably to your colleagues, leaving you feeling anxious, stressed or frustrated?

Learning to foster a compassionate-self can help.

Compassionate Mind is a mental attitude that helps to combat self-critical, self-attacking, and perfectionist thoughts.  A Compassionate Mind enables you to adopt a resilient and sustainable approach to the challenges of your work and personal life, and specifically to:


  • Build resilience to emotional triggers

  • Increase confidence in yourself and your self-esteem

  • Help you to develop effective mental and physical skills to take care of yourself

  • Enable you to work better under pressure

Compassionate Mind is a ground-breaking approach drawing upon neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness.

Compassionate Mind is an interactive and experiential programme that is insightful and revealing. It has the potential to be life-changing for individuals, building a stronger, more effective workforce.

Compassionate Mind can be offered individually or in the format of workshops and groups.

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