Couple Therapy

HSFocus organisational and systemic psychotherapist Counsellor London

We work closely with a wide variety of couples at different stages of life (18-100). Some are ready to take stock of their relationship and iron out issues, whilst newlyweds or pre-married couples are looking to explore their strengths and weaknesses to get a strong head start on their marriage.

Particular issues couples might face:

  • Struggling to effectively communicate together

  • One or both partners with depression (or any other mental health issues)

  • Infidelity

  • Pre-marriage therapy  

  • Older couples with one partner with dementia

  • Couples  who live with extended family

  • Inter-cultural couples

  • Couples in their second or next partners

  • Life and career balance in marriage to include issues with financial imbalance and power struggle.

Specialist service:

  • Expat couples and adjustment in a new country