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Diversity: Building a Global Workforce

HSFocus organisational and systemic psychotherapist Counsellor London

Our diversity consultancy and training focuses on beliefs, values, behaviours and dialogue around difference and inclusiveness. Embracing the GRACCES (gender, religion, age, culture, class, ethnicity, sexuality) and the diversity of experience and thought contributes significantly to achieving high performance.

The HSFocus diversity team are expert in being able to identify and enable constructive dialogue and skills development for the critical issues that enable diversity and inclusiveness in organisational culture. We work respectfully, sensitively and dynamically with general and specific diversity dilemmas and issues. 
Our experience in organisational psychology has been combined with our expertise in communication and relationships to develop the HSFocus Diversity DNA Map. This is an assessment tool to navigate the strengths, resources, and areas for development for creating a dynamic culture of diversity and inclusiveness from which we develop tailor made workshops and skills development programmes. 

For clients seeking more general diversity training we offer our:


  • Diversity Dialogue Workshop

  • Diversity Coaching Group programme