New Parents and New Babies

HSFocus organisational and systemic psychotherapist Counsellor London

Transition from Coupledom to Parenthood.

Exploring the challenges and opportunities of being new parents.

Find out how to understand your baby’s non verbal cues.

Learn to bond effectively with your baby

Becoming a parent is an exciting time, but it brings many challenges both physical and emotional. There is no rule book for “doing it right”. Personal and others’ expectations as well as conflicting messages from professionals, friends and family can make new parents very anxious.
Learning the importance of your emotional well-being is a crucial element in effective parenting. Develop coping strategies and learn how to mobilise resources and support that might be available to you. 

How may you benefit:

  • Understanding your feelings of transition to parenthood.

  • Understanding baby’s varied expressions and connecting with positive response.

  • Acknowledgement of negative emotions and finding solutions that works for you.

  • Tips to help get the right support when needed.

  • How to keep your career in check and re-entering the job market.

The Groups are designed to specifically address the above issues in more detail and equip parents to create a definition of “good enough” parents that is unique to each of them.

The group meet for 6 two hour sessions. Couple and individual sessions are all also available for additional support.

This program is designed by using evidence based psychological models and it is run by experienced Family Therapists and Clinical Psychologists. Both parents/couple and individual parents can attend this programme.